The Fishing Guild has an Executive of experienced commercial fishermen with a great deal of knowledge of the commercial fishing industry. They are all members of the Guild with the interests of their fellow fishermen at heart.

Guild National Executive


Sean McCann

I have been commercial fishing for 40 years. I started longlining then went on to Danish seining, inshore trawling, offshore trawling and purse seining. I am currently Chief Engineer on Sanford’s purse seiner San Tortugas operating out of Tauranga.

I first got involved in the Guild back when it was called The New Zealand Share Fisherman’s Association. The name has changed but it’s still the only organisation run by commercial fishers for commercial fishers. It made sense to me that sea going fishers should have some say and influence in the industry that they are making a career of or even just working in for a while. The only way to do this is to be a member of the New Zealand Fishing Industry Guild. As an individual no one is particularly interested in what you think but as an industry body you get listened to. 

If you want some say in your pay and conditions of work you need to join the Guild. The more of you who join the better it is for all of us.

It’s a No Brainer really. So if you’ve got something up top join the Guild!!

Cheers Sean

Vice President – North Island

Ed Pridham

Ed Pridham has been in the Fishing Industry since he left school in 1976spending his first year in a Fish Processing Plant on Auckland’s early waterfront, unloading small private boats and cutting fish for “Pearl Fisheries” soon making friends of the Skippers and crew which lead to a ‘tucker’ trip on the “Evelyn J”, a Danish Seining Vessel and the rest as they say, is history.

Soon getting a deckies job and quickly working his way up to becoming one of Auckland’s youngest Skippers at 19 years old. Five years on private boats lead to a Skippers job at Simu Fisheries where we served 20 plus years on a range of Inshore Trawlers fishing the Hauraki Gulf and became one of Sanford’s acquisitions when they purchased Simu’s fishing operation.

Ed currently Skippers one of Sanford’s Inshore Trawlers having now fished in and around the Hauraki Gulf continuously for more than 35 years.

Vice President – South Island

Kim O’Brien

Kim O’Brien. I live with my wife and two daughters in Nelson. I am aged in my mid-forties and have been involved in the fishing industry for about 28 years. Over this time I have worked for Independent Fisheries, Donker Marine, Kenton Trawling Limited, and Sanfords who I am currently still with. Through these companies I have fished inshore, deep sea and also done some work on the super seiners in the pacific. I hold the position of First Mate on the San Waitaki.


National Port President

Mike Jukes

I am cook on the Thomas Harrison and have been for 20+ years and have been actively involved in the Guild for the past 15yrs as delegate on my crew and as a member of the Nelson committee for the past 6 years.

I have seen changes in the fishing industry over these years and have helped the Guild in negotiations with Sealords and other aspects of crew issues during these changes. I have just recently handed over the crew delegate duties to another crew member and will continue to assist when needed.

I have found the Guild very supportive and proactive when issues have arisen and fishers need support whether it affects individuals or a group.


Auckland Port Chairman

Brent Jamieson

Currently Skipper of Sanford ltd 32m San Rakaia working both  Inshore and Deepwater fisheries in NZ 200 mile EEZ.
Previous back ground, started off training as a Nelson School of Fisheries Cadet.

Following this, started fishing career purse-seining mackerel and skipjack fisheries before moving to trawling. Spent a large amount of time on Sanford Ltd 95ft Trawlers Albert Sanford, San Rakino, San Hauraki in all positions from deckhand, engineer and skipper.

In my spare time my interests are Rugby, pistol shooting, hunting and in the summer you will find me out diving for crays and also water-skiing.

One of the most satisfying roles in the Fishing Industry Guild has being directly involved with government and Select Committee as advisory to Foreign Charter Vessels amendment bill.
Hopefully with what was achieved here we can work towards New Zealandising our fisheries and better working conditions for everyone in the harsh environment we work in.


Tauranga Port Chairman

Lew Davies

I started fishing as an apprentice in 1976 with Sanford during this time I learnt Purse Seining, Trawling and net mending.
In my career I have also trawled, bottom long lined and Cray fished. My current position of 30 years is purse seining.
I have worked for varying companies in New Zealand, Australia, Canada and Fiji.
In 1991 I gained my marine engineer certification and am currently the engineer/relief skipper on the 36m FV Western Ranger out of Tauranga.
The reason I am on the NZFG is to ensure prices and conditions for Guild members are maintained within our current socio economic climate.

Timaru Port Chairman

Bill Lash

Began career as an Amaltal cadet working in deep water trawl fisheries. Then spent some years in the inshore trawl and dredge fisheries associated with QMA 7. Been with Sanford Ltd since 1997 working in all deep water trawl fisheries. Currently serving as First Mate on FV San Waitaki.